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Tuesday Tip: The Importance Of Managing Your Analytics

It’s time for another Tuesday Tip! Today, we’re talking about the importance of managing your analytics online!

You can watch our video here!

What Analytics Can Do For You

Did you know that when you create a business account on sites like Google Analytics and Facebook, you get access to your analytics? In fact, most business accounts on social media and blogging platforms show you your analytics. You might also find them in places like “Statistics” and “Insights”.┬áManaging these analytics will help you become more effective online.

Are customers finding you through Google searches or social media? What pages on your website are customers viewing the most? How many people come to your website every day? Your analytics can answer all of these questions. They can even answer questions you’ve never thought of!

Taking The Next Step

It’s important to manage these because they can tell you what your next step in marketing should be. Instead of blindly coming up with a marketing strategy and hoping it works out, you can go into the process with some information. The more information you have about your business’s performance online, the better strategy you can create.

Are customers finding you through search engines? It might be time to invest in some Google Ads. Are customers viewing your homepage and just leaving? You should probably re-write the content on that page to make it more appealing.

By managing your analytics, you can make informed decisions about marketing for your business with facts to back it up. It doesn’t matter how beautiful your website is or how active your social media is, if you aren’t paying attention to what customers are doing, it’s useless.

For example, you may have a website and Instagram account for your hair salon, but can’t get any new customers. By looking at your analytics, you might find that no one is coming to your website from your Instagram account and that no one is calling to book an appointment from your website. After adding a link to your website on your Instagram account and adding your phone number to the homepage of your site, you’ll find that customers are calling in!

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