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Tuesday Tips: Color Scheme

It’s time for another Tuesday Tip! This week I am going to teach you why you need to establish a color scheme for your business! You can watch our video here! Meaning Color scheme plays an important role… Read More

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Creating Content For A Business Blog

A business blog is a powerful tool online, but it can be difficult creating content for it. Not only do business blogs help with SEO, they help engage customers and readers. Your business blog is your chance to… Read More


Using Hashtags For Your Business

Social media is just as important as search engines and advertising online. Hashtags are a major component of social media. But how can your harness the power of these hashtags and use them for your business? What Are… Read More

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Tuesday Tip: Using Contests & Giveaways Online

It’s time for another Tuesday Tip! Today, we’re going to talk about using contests and giveaways online to grow your business. You can watch our video here! The Prize It is very important to determine what the actual… Read More

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Video Basics For Business

If you’ve been paying attention online, you probably know how valuable video content is to your business. At this point, many social media platforms are emphasizing video content. Customers who’ve grown up with YouTube are now looking to… Read More

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Tuesday Tip: Improving Your Instagram Marketing

It’s time for another Tuesday Tip! Today, we’re going to talk about how you can improve your Instagram marketing! You can watch our video here! Link Shorteners Instagram is such a fast growing platform that it is important… Read More

Photography Basics For Businesses

Whether you’re selling products or services, chances are that you’re going to need some photography for you business. Photographs tell your business’s story visually. Even if you can’t hire a professional photographer just yet, these photography basics will… Read More

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Website Traffic Basics

So you have a great website for your business, but no one is going to it, right? While having a modern and functional website for your business is essential, so are visitors. Without website traffic, your website is… Read More

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Tuesday Tip: Following Up With Customers

It’s time for another Tuesday Tip! Today, we’re talking about the importance of following up with customers. You can watch our video here! Following Up Following up with your customers is actually a huge aspect of business marketing…. Read More

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SEO Basics

If your business has a website, you’ve probably heard the term “SEO”. SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, determines how your website ranks on search engines like Google. It’s essential to have good SEO if you want customers to… Read More

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Tuesday Tip: Facebook Ads Importance

It’s time for another Tuesday Tip! Today, we’re going to talk about the importance of using Facebook Ads to grow your business! You can watch our video here! Facebook Stats Did you know that your customers spend a… Read More

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Importance Of Business Blog Articles

When you think of a “blog”, you may be thinking of online influencers, fashionistas, and beauty gurus. However, blogs can be about any topic, including your business. Having a business blog with plenty of relevant articles is beneficial… Read More