What is Messenger Marketing?

Today it feels like our whole lives are surrounded in social media. The best ways we communicate with our clients and future clients is through our social media platforms. This new way of communicating is through messenger marketing. Messenger marketing is becoming more effective especially on Facebook. Creating an effective medium for communication with your customers is key to staying ahead of the competition.

What is it?

Messenger marketing is a new way of communicating with prospects, leads, and customers. As a marketing channel, it boosts better engagement than any other channel out there including email, direct mail, social media, push notifications, and so on. When you send your customers something on Facebook messenger, more people will read and interact with your message. This gives your audience a sense of a more personal way of contact. Your messages can be in real-time (live) or they can be automated through the use of chatbots.


Unlike emails, messenger marketing is quick and made so recipients have an easier time responding. This sounds a little bit like SMS marketing but can allow for more user interaction. With messenger marketing you can send CTAs (calls to action), GIFs, galleries, and more. This allows for a more personal feel as users communicate with your business.

You can send out automatic messages on Facebook, but it is a better idea to send them out individually. This helps your business get a better sense of what each customer is looking for. You are able to develop a stronger relationship with your clients so you can keep them for the long run.

Interactive Experience

This kind of marketing is not just an excellent tool to connect with customers, it is a great way to collect subscribers and send out marketing related broadcasts. The best way to gain customers is through organic engagement and messenger marketing is doing just that. Your business can connect with individual customers to learn about what they want from you. Once you are able to give the subscribers what they are looking for then you have formed a solid relationship with that customer.

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