Pay Attention to Generation Z

It seems like the main audience marketers are looking into are Millennials! But that is now changing as we move into a new generation! Generation Z is considered those who are born in the mid-90’s to the mid-2000s. This is an era that has grown up on the use of technology and has used social media platforms to interact on a daily basis. It is important that we look into this age group, as our audience is expanding to a newer market!

Get Personal

This new generation is described as conscientious, hard-working, and mindful of the future. Gen Z, as we like the abbreviate it, favors companies that follow their beliefs and values. They like to have the knowledge that the products or services they are spending their time and money on are going to provide something unique to them. Every business has a factor that separates them from the others. This is the generation to look out for when it comes to getting creative! Remember that this era grew up on social media, so their outlook on promoting businesses is slightly more advanced since they have pretty much seen it all.

A great aspect about Gen Z is that they provide more feedback. This generation takes into consideration how their peers perceive a product or service as well. The main reason these individuals stay in contact with each other is through the similarities they share. Once something gets ‘retweeted’ or ‘liked’ that person is showing off what they consider worthy enough to show their followers. This, in turn, allows for more engagement and visibility for your company.

Open to New Ideas

Gen Z is considered to be the most realistic of any generation. But that doesn’t mean they aren’t open to new ideas. This is an era that sees any dream as possible. If you put your mind to it, and speak something into existence, it will most likely happen!

Some new up and coming trends of 2018 that are taking Gen Z to the next level is the use of virtual reality. This kind of engagement is sure to get anyone excited, but especially for Gen Z since they have basically seen it all! As a business owner, it is important to keep in mind that this audience has seen every marketing technique out there, so making yours unique is key!

Business and Self Growth

This generation has a lot of talent that can be taken to good use from your company. Gen Z is becoming more aggressive as we all want one end goal: to be rich. Use this knowledge to your advantage when hiring a new marketing consultant.. they know more. They also tend to look at things with a more optimistic outcome than pessimistic.

Gen Z is also culturally and socially more diverse than any other. They have adapted to new ways of living and viewing things. Different to any other generation before them. The world is going to see big changes in our advancements with technology and social media just through the new era of Gen Z!

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