Prioritizing Quality over Quantity

When starting any business, it is necessary to understand what needs to be presented at first and what can wait. The determination of the best quality content to post can make or break a company. The majority of content you see on business webpages is overlooked and unnecessary. Take a look at why you want your business to have higher quality content than quantity!

About You

Building your company is all about showing off your brand. As a company just starting out, you want to incorporate some information about you personally. The best ways to explain more about yourself are to show your credibility. You do not, however, want to overwhelm your customers with too much information all at once. Your business page should have an about you section that explains the basic background experience you have. Viewers like to read information that it straight to the point. The quality of your experience and knowledge in your industry will get you farther than having too much on your webpage.


When we view any business profile/page we instantly go through the content they have. When viewers start to see repetitive content they will start to feel as though the business is lazy and not putting in as much effort as they could have. The businesses that strive are the ones with the most valuable content for their brand. Adding in unnecessary posts just to put something on any platform does not do anything except annoy the buyer with undesired content.

Remember that the most profitable companies are the ones with the best quality and the least amount of overbearing quantity!

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