How to Properly Showcase your Brands Personality

Every brand should establish a theme for themselves. This can allow for your business to develop its own personality. This is so important for your customers to see so they can determine if you are right for them! Believe it or not, our viewers judge our posts, content, articles, and video styles more than you think. This can effect your businesses growth and overall reach!

Do not Over Do It

You want to establish a personality within your brand so it comes off as more personable to customers. This allows them get a better idea/feel of your company. Many of our customers want to feel like the brand they are spending money on pertains to them and their interests. This is done through showcasing content that is attention grabbing. But keep in mind that excessive colors, postings, and videos come off as annoying to our viewers, which drives room for profits down the drain.

A study showed that over half of your consumers will unfollow your brand if your personality on social media irritates them, and 23% will boycott you! It is very important that you limit your content and postings every week or else your brand will come off as too needy to customers. You want your brand to seem effortless, while giving off an enticing feel!

Be Mindful of your Audience

The overall theme of your brand should embody the message you are hoping to get across to your customers. In order to gain the recognition you are aiming for it is crucial that you are mindful of your target audience. This is because every age group, or gender, reflects to every piece of content differently. For example, if your target audience is women around the age 18-34 you should consider incorporating posts that are inspirational, motivating, and authentic. If your main audience is women, choose colors that grab women’s attention like pink, purple, or blue. You can always change up your content as well if you experience a larger audience. If you have a larger, more broad range of consumers keep your social media/webpage consistent and not too over dramatic.

Get Creative within your Theme

The theme of your website or social media platforms sets the tone of the personality for your brand. You want to get creative with your postings and pages so your viewers stay interested. This can get tricky because your brand should not be overly colorful or wordy, but somewhere in the middle. A good way of knowing just how creative you can get is to analyze your market and what you are selling/promoting. Your brands products should be a good intel on the extent of what you are putting out there and how you are doing so. For example, if you are promoting a new medication your content should not be filled with excitement and colors, rather it be filled with organized information and clear defined colors so you are taken seriously by your buyers and your competitors!

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