Tuesday Tip: Local Trends

It’s time for another Tuesday Tip! This week learn how incorporating local trends and events will gain more traffic to your website and your social media platforms!

You can watch our video here!

Event Promoting

Local events are a great way to get more people excited about your brand. If there is a festival taking place in your neighborhood, set up a booth at that event! This is an excellent way of getting you brand noticed by people who would not normally come into your store.

Sharing pictures and videos from these local events on your social media platforms will help increase your reach! Say there is a concert coming to your town, to market to this audience add a bands/artists name to a product in order to attract that type of audience. You will be surprised on how many people come and buy a product simply because it has a name of their favorite artists attached to it.

Marketing Tools

As a business owner, take advantage of local events by creating a Snapchat geofilter and including those snaps at events to engage more customers. A geofilter is a customized filter that you can design for your brand. This is also a great way to attract new customers! If you can attach your logo onto something you are guaranteed more engagement.

Reach people on a local level and learn how to drive them to your business to increase your sales and overall market!

Check back next week for another Tuesday Tip! 🙂

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