Use of Ephemeral Content

Social media has taken a major turn this year as ephemeral content is becoming more and more of a successful digital marketing strategy. This kind of content lasts for a short period of time, requiring consumers to take action right away. This way of marketing on social media platforms like Snapchat, Instagram, and Facebook has ultimately changed the way our consumers view your brand.


With the use of ephemeral content, your content is present for a max of 24 hours. This allows your brand to develop itself in a unique way. By creating Instagram or Facebook stories you are providing content that is not permanent. This is the best way to show consumers how authentic your brand actually is. Your viewer is going to want to see content that is different from your normal posts because it shows them a different side of your brands personality.

Developing a great high-quality social content strategy is key to the expansion of your audience. A great way of showing your viewers products or limited edition sellers or even coupons is through the use of ephemeral content.

Real-time Content

This kind of content is perfect for those posts that you want your consumers to act on right away! They are seeing these posts in real-time urging them to take action right away. When you post a story that is only up for 24 hours, your viewers will want to act upon that post. These stories are a great way to keep your followers interested and engaged! By having these stories pop-up at the top of your social media channel allows them to be more enticed to your brand.

There are 250 million stories everyday, so find ways to make yours count! Do so by pushing out content with limited edition products or coupons that expire! This is a great way to get your customers motivated to buy your products. Remember that real-time content brings real-time profits and engagement! 🙂

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