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Tuesday Tip: Switching To An Instagram Business Profile

It’s time for our Tuesday Tip! This week, we’re talking about switching to an Instagram Business Profile!

Do you use Instagram to promote your business? Switching to an Instagram Business Profile can make a huge difference in reaching your audience and acquiring new customers! Making the switch to an Instagram Business Profile will give you exclusive business features like Insights, Contact Options, and the ability to create Instagram Ads.


One of the benefits of switching to an Instagram Business Profile is getting Insights. You can view the Insights for your overall account as well as individual posts.

When you look at your Overall Metrics, you get to see your Impressions, Reach, Website Clicks, and Profile Views. Impressions measure how many times your posts and ads have been on a user’s screen. Reach measures the number of unique views on your posts and Instagram Stories. Website Clicks measures how many users have clicked over to your website from your Instagram account. Profile Views measures how many unique users have visited your profile.

You can also view other Insights such as your audience’s age and gender, what times they’re online, and what days they’re online. These metrics help define your demographics and current audience.

Contact Options

With an Instagram Business Profile, you can provide your followers with Contact Options for your business. While Personal Instagram Profiles are able to display a link on their profile, Instagram Business Profiles gets to display their email, phone number, and directions on their profile as well. Instead of hoping that potential customers will click on a link on your profile and search for your contact information, you can prove it to them directly, making them more likely to contact you.

Instagram Ads

Instagram’s newest business feature is Instagram Ads. These ads are shown in the news feeds of users outside of your followers. Instagram Ads can be used to gain more followers or get users to click on a specific link. These ads can be tailored and promoted to the exact audience you want. Instagram Ad performance can be monitored through Insights as well.

Check out the video for our Tuesday tips here!

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