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Tuesday Tip: Business To Business Marketing

It’s time for another Tuesday Tip! Today, we’re talking about business to business marketing!

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Expanding Your Customer Base

If you’re limiting your business to only selling to the general public, you could be missing out on valuable customers! According to the U.S. Small Business Administration, there are 29.6 million registered small businesses just in the US! And that number doesn’t even include large corporations! Having 29.6 million new customers can make a huge difference in how your business succeeds.

To start targeting these new customers, first think about your business and services. Could they be useful to another business as well? Businesses need outside services just like individuals do.

For example, if you’re a catering company, think about how you could market your catering for business meetings, as well as private birthday parties and weddings. If you’re a dog walking company, think about how you could market your services for dog-friendly businesses.

Business To Business Marketing Tips

When it comes to finding businesses to market to, the best place to start is your own neighborhood. Whether your business is in an office building or a strip mall, finding other businesses to connect with is easy. Going door-to-door to businesses around you is both a great way to meet your neighbors and a great way to find potential customers.

Start by figuring out how your business can help theirs, and then contact that business. You can even offer discounts to your neighbors!

For example, give coupons out to your neighbors when they order lunch through your catering business. Or, offer a group rate to dog-friendly businesses for your dog walking business.

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