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Tuesday Tip: Using Contests & Giveaways Online

It’s time for another Tuesday Tip! Today, we’re going to talk about using contests and giveaways online to grow your business.

You can watch our video here!

The Prize

It is very important to determine what the actual prize it that users can win. Are you trying to sell a new product? Try giving away a new product as a prize. If not, let users have the opportunity to win something limited edition or once-in-a-lifetime. These opportunities will make your contest or giveaway much more enticing to users.

Involvement In Contests

To create your giveaway or contest, you need to get users engaged and involved! Promote your contests on social media platforms and target your audience. It is important to even email customers about the contest.

Give updates regularly so that users are involved and participate. Don’t limit your updated to emails and phone calls. Update customers through social media channels as well! This will help expand your contest audience and get more people involved.

The Winner

Shine the spotlight on the winner of your contest or giveaway with a picture of them with the prize. It’s also important to show that you value those who did not win as well. Send them an email or message about upcoming events or contests for the future.