Find Trending Tags On Twitter

Video: Find Trending Tags On Twitter

Find Trending Tags On Twitter

When you have a message to send, and you want it to reach the broadest possible consumer base, you should find trending tags on Twitter as you post.

In this how to video, we walk through the process of how to research trending hashtags and add them to your post before sending it out.





Trending Tags Are The Real Time Pulse Of Social Media

While it is critical to keep your content interesting, it is also a best practice to make sure that your message is being delivered. The amount of effort it takes to create content is all for naught if you don’t distribute it to the entire market in a broad fashion. Knowing the trending tags on twitter help you get a global perspective into the social media realm and provide an opportunity for your business to be a valid part of the discussion.

Posting content to Twitter that’s relevant to these trending tags can make it more visible to more users. This is because users are specifically looking for these tags.

When you go to your Newsfeed on Twitter, click the icon at the bottom of the screen shaped like a magnifying glass. This is the Search button. The Search button will then take you to the Twitter Discovery page. It will show you things like Today’s Stories, Trends For You, Today’s Moments, and more! To find Twitter trending tags and topics, go to Trends For You.

While the Trends For You section only shows a few topics, you can click Show More to see the rest of the trending tags. Here, you’ll see all kinds of trending tags and topics that users are looking for right now! Try creating content that’s relevant to these tags to be seen by even more people.