Photography Basics For Businesses

Whether you’re selling products or services, chances are that you’re going to need some photography for you business. Photographs tell your business’s story visually. Even if you can’t hire a professional photographer just yet, these photography basics will help you tell your story.

Your Camera & Equipment

There are tons of camera available out there. To figure out specifically what camera you need, consider your budget and subject. Depending on what you’re taking pictures of, you may want to purchase additional equipment as well. This additional equipment includes lights, backdrops, and sets. Also, don’t forget a memory card! Most modern camera accept SD cards. Without this, your pictures won’t be saved anywhere.

Composition & Technique

While an “appealing” photograph is purely based on opinion, there are a few things you should remember.

Generally, you want to image your photo being divided into three sections horizontally and vertically. This is called the Rule Of Thirds and should look like this:

rule of thirds bleazy usa

Ideally, you should place important parts of your picture where the lines intersect. You eye is naturally drawn to where these lines intersect, so placing important features there will make the most of your space.

Framing your pictures with other objects is another great idea for a well-composed photo. While product photography just uses a plain white background, editorial and advertisement photography should be a little more exciting. Try framing your subject with other objects such as tree and clouds.

After knowing the photography basics, it’s important to make your choices for a reason. Know why you’re making certain composition choices. More importantly, predict what your customers will think about your photos.

Editing Your Pictures

You may think that you’re done once you take your photos, but that’s not true! After taking some great photos, you’ll have to edit your pictures. Even the most amazing photographers usually have to edit their pictures.

When you edit pictures, be sure to use professional photo editing software.

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