Tuesday Tip: Videos for Business Growth

It’s time for another Tuesday Tip! This week I am going to teach you how to grow your business through videos!

You can watch our video here!

Branded Videos

Branded videos are engaging and informative, and can do wonders for your business. Feel free to add in your logo in the bottom corner so customers know who you are. Customers will start to get more and more familiar with your brand name when they can see it clearly in your videos. When creating a video that can stand out from the others, it will dramatically enhance your digital marketing strategy.

Videos are great ways for customers to truly grasp what you are selling/promoting. We rarely tend to just skim through videos we see online, we usually need to watch the full video to understand the message. Videos are a great form of marketing that allows for complete viewer attention.

Get Creative

Get creative by taking the viewer behind the scenes so they can better understand who your brand is. When you show footage that the average customer would not see, you create meaning to your content. This makes your customers continue to come back for more because they feel as though they are connected to your brand on a more intimate level. Cinematography is a great way to humanize the system of social media and feel more recognized as a partner.

It is important to keep your videos under a minute long so you do not lose any customers attention. Since your time is so limited, only provide the most valuable information possible. You might want to cram all your information into one big video, but that will most likely result in very little engagement. Instead, make simple videos that narrow in on key ideas so the viewer does not get lost in the content.

When you can create a relationship with your viewers it adds trust and credibility! Always remember to keep your videos unique to your style, then watch your business grow!

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