Using Hashtags For Your Business

Social media is just as important as search engines and advertising online. Hashtags are a major component of social media. But how can your harness the power of these hashtags and use them for your business?

What Are Hashtags?

Hashtags are how social media networks index relevant content. If a user searches a certain tag, relevant post from all public users will show up. You can think of it like social media’s version of Google. If you use tags on your content, there’s a good chance that it will increase your reach across social media.

Once a hashtag becomes popular, it can start “trending”. Trending tags are featured hashtags that are popular for a certain amount of time. If you use one of these trending tags, there’s an even better chance that you content will reach more users.

The Basics

Each #hashtag is a single word. If you’re going to be using multiple words in your tag, make sure and limit them. Using tags that contains too many words can be too specific and hard to read. Avoid using too many tags. You can actually be penalized for using too many. Similarly, only use relevant tags. Using tags that aren’t relevant can result in you being reported as spam by users. Spam accounts are banned from social media platforms.

Remember that your account must be public for users to see your tags.

Building A Strategy

It’s important to use hashtags that are relevant to your audience. For example, if you’re a clothing company, keep away from tags that have to do with cars or dogs. People looking for topics like cars or dogs won’t care about your clothing company.

Use relevant tags to target your audience. A well-targeting audience will engage with your posts more. Besides using relevant and popular tags, you may also want to create a custom tag for your business. A custom hashtag is a great branding strategy. Your branded tag doesn’t even have to contain your business name. As long as it’s clearly connected to your business, you’re good to go!

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